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Jackie Chan Profile, Bio, Pics And Wallpapers

Jackie Chan Profile
Famous as: Actor
Birth Name: Kong-sang Chan
Birth Date: April 07, 1954
Birth Place: Victoria Peak, Hong Kong
Claim to fame: As Wong Fei-Hung in "Jui kuen" (1978)
Height: 5' 8½
Nationality: Chinese
Father: Charles Chan
Mother: Lee-Lee Chan
Spouse: Lin Feng-Jiao (actress, since 1-Dec-82)
Relation: Elaine Ng Yi-Lei (Miss Asia (Hong Kong))
Son: Jaycee Chan (singer-actor, b. 3-Dec-82)
Daughter: Etta Ng Chok Lam (b. 19-Nov-99)
When you think of the martial art movies, then there is one name that stands out from all the rest. Jackie Chan has been one of the most successful Asian actors that have infiltrated the mainstream Hollywood movies. Starring in films that were highly successful in Asia, he entered the Hollywood market in 1995 with the movie Rumble in the Bronx. Following this film would be more popular ones like Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon. With such a highly active personality that exudes clumsiness and confidence at the same time, North America and the world heartily accepted this Asian star to their movie screens. If you want a movie that speaks of true fun and enjoyment at the movies, then Jackie Chan should be in it.

Jackie Chan
 Jackie Chan
 Jackie Chan
 Jackie Chan
 Jackie Chan
 Jackie Chan
 Jackie Chan
 Jackie Chan

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