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Scarlett Johansson Profile, Bio And Pics, Wallpapers 2011

Scarlett Johnsson Profile
Birth Name: Scarlett I. Johansson
Birth Date: November 22, 1984
Birth Place: New York, New York, USA
Height: 5' 4"
Nationality: American
Hair Color: Dark blond
Eye Color: Green
Education: Graduated from Professional Children's School in Manhattan, New York City in 2002
Father: Karsten Johansson
Mother: Melanie Sloan Johansson
Brother: Adrian (older), Hunter (her twin, actor), Christian (older, half)
Sister: Vanessa Johansson (older, actress)
Spouse: Ryan Reynolds (actor, since 27-Sep-08, filed for divorce)

Having been noticed for possessing fine skills and elegance that transcend her young age, Scarlett I. Johansson surely has risen to be one of Hollywood's most promising young actresses of the 21st century. Born on November 22, 1984 in New York City, New York, she is a Danish, Polish, and Jewish descendant for being the youngest daughter of Karsten and Melanie Johansson. Scarlett grew up happily alongside her twin brother, Hunter; two other siblings Adrian and Vanessa, plus an older half brother named Christian. Her deep interest in acting came up when she just barely 3 years old as she told her mother that she had the fire in her brain to act. With her mother's support, she started to enter some auditions for films and managed to land her first role at the age of 8 in the off-Broadway production of "Sophistry" at New York's Playwrights Horizons Theatre.
Finally able to make her big screen debut in 1994 through a small role in "North", Scarlett afterwards appeared in "Just Cause" (1995) as Kate Armstrong, the daughter of Sean Connery's character Paul Armstrong. However, it was through "Manny & Lo" (1996) that she began to draw public attention due to ...
the critics' praise she had received. This particular film even led her, for the first time, to be nominated as Best Female Lead at Independent Spirit Awards. Her acting career later received a boost when she acted as a troubled girl who had lost her legs because of a riding accident in "The Horse Whisperer" (1998). Despite the ironic condition of being given an "introducing" credit, she successfully gained huge praise and was acknowledged as a potential teen actress of Hollywood.

Scarlett Johansson
 Scarlett Johansson
 Scarlett Johansson
 Scarlett Johansson
 Scarlett Johansson
 Scarlett Johansson

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